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Dental Services for the Whole Family
We Always Provide The Best Patient Experience As We Help You To Achieve Your Oral Health Goals.
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Dental Veneers For A Perfect Smile
Get your FREE smile design consultation. It is never late to enjoy the smile that you have always wanted.
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Dental Implants Experts
If your are thinking about dental implants, Batista Smile Design Offers you a FREE Consultation.
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Our Services

We are committed to providing you with a high standard of professional dental care

Dental Implants

A free implant consultation to determine if dental implants are for you.

Teeth Whitening

Get your whiter and fresh smile back with teeth whitening

Cosmetic Dentistry

Thinking about transforming your smile? We can help…

Root Canal

Root Canal can be painful so we do our best to give you same day appointments.

Wisdom Teeth

We do most extractions in office and we accept most of dental insurance plans.

Dental Invisalign

Clear braces are a hot trend right now and we work with one of the best brands

Get Absolute Professional Dental Care


Be your WHITEST!

Get $50 Off on Zoom Whitening, we can make the teeth’s appearance brighter and whiter giving you a smoother smile in a simple, painless, safe, quick and effective procedure.

- Whiten Up to 5-8 Shades Lighter.

- Reverses Stains from Food, Drink & Aging.

- High Efficiency & Little To No Sensitivity

Don't Delay Your Dental Treatment Any Longer

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